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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Cut Price Bins and supporting a family owned and operated business. To ensure efficient and safe service, the following terms and conditions apply:   Standard hire of bins can be up to 4 days. This is inclusive of the delivery and pickup date. If you would like the bin longer, ask the office and most of the time it can be arranged at $10.00 a day extra charge.   Your bin will arrive anytime on the first day of delivery and will be collected at anytime on the day of collection.   Payment of Bin Hire is to be paid prior to or on delivery of Bin.   In our rubbish bins we do not remove concrete, soil, bricks, rocks, old compost, chemicals like asbestos, paints, batteries, oil and no car engines or tyres (removed only by prior arrangement).   There are weight allowances on all rubbish bins, please refer to your booking or ask the office for the weight allowance on your bin.   We use 9m bin with lines for 6m and 7.5m, if you are only wanting to fill to 6m or 7.5m, just fill to the line on the bin. If you would like to use up to the 9m, then you can do so and just pay the extra charge up to the 9m. This also applies to the 12m to 15m bins.   In hardfill bins there must be only concrete or soil etc. No rubbish whatsoever is permitted in these bins.   ONLY FILL to the top rim of the bin or to your ordered bin size fill line mark. Any overfill may be left behind or charged at our going rate per cubic metre.   If we are unable to provide your requested bin size, we will endeavour to accommodate our customers by supplying smaller bins to make up the required size at no extra charge or we will use one of our affiliate suppliers to complete your order.   Damage to bins delivered in good condition, during the term of hire, is at the customer’s expense.   Placement of Bin is at the driver’s discretion, even though we will try our best to position the bin for easy loading for you. This is due to our Public Liability requirements via our Insurance Company.   Permits- permits for the placement of skip bin on roadway are to be sourced by the customer.   Bins are not to be moved from the delivery position and access must be maintained to allow safe collection of bin. Failure to comply will incur an additional $100 call out fee. The Hirer is responsible for any costs to relocate the skip bin to a position that we can recover the bin with our truck.   No fires are to be lit in our bins.   The Hirer is responsible for the skip bin once the bin has been delivered.   Refund Policy- For a cancelled order we require at least 24-hours notice. Once skip bin has been delivered there will be no refund.   Any breach of these terms and conditions will result in additional charges.