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The world is changing rapidly and very soon Solar panels will be more cost-effective than traditional methods of producing electricity. Can you believe it?

Perovskite thin-film solar panels were first fabricated in 2009 with an efficiency of 3.8%. A square meter of a flat surface has about a kilowatt of energy falling on it per hour when the sun is shining. Jump 10 years and a tandem perovskite thin-film panel have efficiency above 26 %. That’s progress on steroids.

Unfortunately, these panels only exist in the laboratory due to two factors. Firstly they degenerate when exposed to moisture and UV light and secondly the coating of the thin film results in irregularities that reduce or stop current flow. They now have panels that have withstood UV and moisture degradation for 1000 hours so it would be reasonable to suggest that this technology is not that far removed from our future

This affects my bin hire business in Auckland in several ways. Firstly because I believe that vehicle emissions are harming our planet I look forward to the day I can drive a completely electric truck with zero emissions.

Perhaps one day the surface area of my rubbish or skip bins covered in thin-film perovskite will generate enough power to run my truck. We will need all the electricity we can get in the future that’s why I am very proud that a large portion of all the waste we process through our skip hire business is converted into electricity. Always doing our part to protect the environment and ensure Auckland remains a beautiful city for generations to come.