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Us Aucklander’s love a bargain so to ensure the most productive and economic use of your bin hire you may want to follow these simple steps:

1. Plan ahead. Make sure you have chosen a time for your bin hire time when you are
free of other commitments and if you want your friends help will they be available
when you need them.

2. Look closely at our bin hire pictures on our website. This is the best way to ensure that instead of
guessing the correct bin size, you oder the correct size. Note all the related bin hire
prices are recorded on our site.

3. Check the weather forecast as loading a bin in the rain is not much fun and can add
to the cost.

4. If you want to make an early morning start on your bin or skip loading, order it for the afternoon
before you need it. Bin companies often have planned drop off schedules which
means that you may not get your bin in time to start loading at that exact time.

5. If it rains, put a tarpaulin over the bin to cover it and keep water out. You don’t want to be paying extra over weight charges for a heavy wet load as transfer stations charge only by weight.

6. If you are unsure of bin size, it pays to advise us and go for the next size up. For example, to help you do this, we will supply a 9m bin when you order a 6m just in case you need to fill the extra capacity. This would save time, and it would cost a lot more money if you had to order a second bin.